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 The Pulborough Society

Pulborough is a lively and welcoming village which is growing fast as a community.

Many families have their roots here over hundreds of years and then there is a mix of new arrivals including commuters and
families looking to live in a more rural environment and people who have made Pulborough their home on retirement.

Joining the Society is an ideal way to meet new people and become involved in the life of the village.
We make all new members very welcome and you may well find that society members have good and long standing connections
which could help you find your feet as a newcomer in Pulborough

The Society was formed in 1973 as a local charity and is a non-political organisation whose aim is to encourage and establish
public interest in the local area

The Society is a statutory consultee on all planning issues in the village, and is a forum for local members who might
wish to express their concerns regarding architectural design and planning.

The Society acts as a co-ordinating body co-operating with the local authorities and statutory bodies, including volunteer organisations
and any persons who have similar aims to the society.

The Society also: -

Collects local historic information and where possible publishes reports and literature about the area.

Hold meetings, lectures and exhibitions.

Where possible gives advice and information to the general public.

The Society holds seven meetings a year and provides a newsletter before each meeting.

Membership is open to all with a current charge of 8.00 for an annual subscription.

Our lively meetings are held in the village hall, and this allows our members to discuss any concerns they might have and how we
as a society can help. It's also an occasion to catch up with friends and neighbours and meet new people.

The guest speakers at our meetings are always interesting and diverse; if you are a non -member and would like to come along
and see if the Society had anything to offer you we
charge just 2.

If you'd like to join please contact our membership secretary Jill Moore on 01798 875775

The Society is a Registered Charity No: 266153