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Welcome to The Pulborough Society 

The Pulborough Society holds seven lively and entertaining meetings a year.

We produce an informative newsletter before each meeting, highlighting issues of concern to the Society and our members.

All our meetings are held in the village hall, and this allows our members to discuss any concerns they might have and how we as a society can help.

The guest speakers at our meetings (see News & Events) are always interesting and diverse;
if you are a non-member and would like to come along and see if the Society has anything to offer you, we charge just 2.

Next Meeting: 

Wednesday 5th June 2019 7:30 pm Pulborough Village Hall

Brief updates from Pulborough organisations



Not to be sneezed at     
Brenda Mathews has a vast collection of hankies of all sorts,
including a Naval one patented in 1894.

It is amazing what has been depicted over the years. 



None currently planned.